Sleeve Stoppers in Copper

Handcrafted by the mothers of PIO, People Improvement Organization

110.00 US$

Our Sleeve Stoppers in Copper hold your sleeves up in the most stylish way.
They bring just what you need of sophistication to your casual cuffed-sleeves silhouette.
• Colour | Black + Copper
• Size in CM |46W  x 4H
• Size in IN |18.1W  x 1.6H
• Outside material | Genuine soft leather + Traditional Khmer sarong 
• Inside material | Aluminum wire
• Limited edition
• Those Sleeve Stoppers help bring fair job opportunities to PIO, People Improvement Organization
• Your meaningful purchase will allow KAMBODJA to make a donation to Passerelles Numeriques Cambodia.
• KAMBODJA donates at least 5% of its gross sales profits.
• Avoid cleaning all leather products at home; leather goods should be brought to a professional leather cleaner.
• Household cleaners and sprays should be avoided as they can potentially stain leather. If using leather protectant, ensure a small test is done on a corner of the item before applying entirely. Spot cleaning is not recommended.
• Avoid storing all KAMBODJA items in humid areas and avoid long periods of sun exposure.
• It is encouraged to place leather goods in the provided dust bag when not in use to preserve their pristine condition.