Wavy Suspenders in Deep Red

Handcrafted by the mothers of PSE, For A Child's Smile

151.00 US$ 110.00 US$

Our Wavy Suspenders in Deep Red are the proof that suspenders can be stylish.
Those glamorous waves revealing just enough of the traditional fabric underneath will elegantly spice up your outfit.
• Colour | Deep Red
• One size fits all
• Outside material | Genuine soft leather + Gold-colour metallic clips
• Inside material |Traditional Khmer sarong
• Limited edition
• Those Wavy Suspenders help bring fair job opportunities to PSE, For A Child’s Smile
• Your meaningful purchase will allow KAMBODJA to make a donation to Passerelles Numeriques Cambodia.
• KAMBODJA donates at least 5% of its gross sales profits.
• Avoid cleaning all leather products at home; leather goods should be brought to a professional leather cleaner.
• Household cleaners and sprays should be avoided as they can potentially stain leather. If using leather protectant, ensure a small test is done on a corner of the item before applying entirely. Spot cleaning is not recommended.
• Avoid storing all KAMBODJA items in humid areas and avoid long periods of sun exposure.
• It is encouraged to place leather goods in the provided dust bag when not in use to preserve their pristine condition.